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Best Electric Can Opener Consumer Reports, Ratings, Reviews, Tips, and Guides in 2022-2023

If you’re looking for an electric can opener, there are a few factors you should consider before making a purchase. These factors include what to look for in an electric can opener, the benefits and drawbacks of each, and what type of opener is best for your home. These tips can help you purchase a model that will provide you with years of trouble-free use and enjoyment.

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What is Electric Can Opener?

An electric can opener is a multi-purpose kitchen tool that opens cans with a simple push of a button. Powered by an AC or DC power source, electric can openers are simple to use and come in many styles. You can choose a countertop or wall-mounted model to fit your needs.

Electric can openers are a great invention that eliminates the need for manual can openers. They help you get your meals ready in a more efficient way and save you time. They can also be more versatile and useful than a manual can opener. Some models have extra features such as sharp knives or hole-making.

These appliances are convenient and safe to use. They open various types of sealed cans without causing any harm to your hands or your kitchen. Unlike a manual can opener, they are easy to clean. The cord and blade can be easily removed for cleaning. You can even use them to open the top of tuna cans for sandwiches.

Traditional can openers slice the lid inside the rim of the can, leaving a thin circle of metal. This is known as a top-cut model. Since the cut is so close to the food inside the can, you’ll have to make sure to clean it well and dry it completely. Side-cut openers make a clean cut along the side of the can, leaving a smooth edge and less residue.

Can openers can be manual or electric. A manual one does not rely on electricity and is convenient to take to a campsite or campground. You can also find can openers that are rechargeable, portable, and dependable. Before buying a can opener, make sure to do some research. Make sure that it is easy to clean, has a strong blade, and does not cause any injury.

The two most popular types of electric can openers are ring pull can openers and twist key models. Both types have a similar design, but they differ in the ease of use. While the former may be more convenient, the latter isn’t as inexpensive. You can buy them at most kitchen supply stores.

Different Types of Electric Can Opener:

There are a few different types of electric can openers on the market. The first is the battery-powered, which is ideal for portability and outdoor use. Unlike the corded types, battery-powered can openers are small and easy to use anywhere in the house. They are also convenient to take with you when you travel. However, they come with limited power and functionality.

Another important consideration when purchasing an electric can opener is the durability. A good one should last for years and still offer high-quality performance. There is no point in buying a product only to find that it breaks within a few months. Also, look for a can opener with safe-cut edges, as this will help to reduce the risk of injury.

The size of your electric can opener is also an important factor. A small can opener can be stored in a drawer, while a larger one will need counter space. You can choose between an electric opener that cuts the can on the top or the side. A side-cut opener will make a cut just below the can’s rim, while a top-cut opener will unseal the lid of a can by cutting it at the top. While this may be easier to use, it is not suitable for people with low dexterity or small children.

The type of can opener you choose depends on your kitchen’s style and space. For example, you might want an under-the-cabinet model, which saves space but still delivers quality performance. Many of these models also come with small scissors hidden in the back compartment.

Another important feature is ease of use. When you’re unsure of how much pressure you need to apply to a can, an electric can opener will open it automatically. The lid will then attach to the magnet on the can opener, making it easy to use. Another benefit of using an electric can opener is that it won’t require your hand to rotate and is safer for older people.

Another important factor is the design. A stylish, ergonomically designed can opener makes cooking easier and faster. These appliances will also save you time and energy, which is very important when buying a can opener. There are different types available, so do some research before you buy one.

Factors to Consider Before Buying:

If you’re in the market for an electric can opener, there are several factors that you’ll want to consider. First of all, you should consider the build quality of the product. You’ll want to look at reviews and customer service pages to determine whether a particular model is durable enough. If a product is made from low-quality materials or does not offer the features you’re looking for, you might be better off staying away from it.

Another factor to consider is ergonomic design. This feature will help you avoid joint pain and stress when opening a can. You’ll want to find a model that has an ergonomic design with oversized grips and minimal touch features. The price is another factor to consider, as well as the type of power.

If you open more than 25 cans a day, you’ll probably want to invest in an electric can opener. If you’re in the market for a crown punch model, you’ll want a tool that can handle the workload. You’ll also want to be sure you’re getting a high-quality, durable model with a three-year warranty.

The best electric can openers are easy to clean. You can wipe them down with warm water and soap. You can also try soaking them in a 1:1 solution of water and vinegar. However, this will only work on some models. In addition, you’ll need to make sure that you’re hand-washing them to prevent rust.

The style and features of the electric can opener should be considered. Electric ones will usually require a simple touch, while manual models will require turning the crank or handle around to open the can. Manual models should be suitable for left-handed users. In addition, manual can openers may not be good for handicapped people.

Benefits of Electric Can Opener:

One of the advantages of an electric can opener is that you don’t have to deal with sharp edges and metal shavings that may result from manual can openers. The higher-end models have blades that are designed to cut the lid off the can along the side wall. This eliminates the risk of inadvertently slicing a hand. A manual can opener must be used with caution, however.

Another benefit of an electric can opener is that it is very versatile, allowing you to open virtually any type of standard sized cans. In addition, these openers often come with a three-year warranty, a sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of the product. They also tend to have a razor-sharp blade, which makes them perfect for opening smaller cans but less successful at opening larger ones.

Electric can openers come in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. For maximum durability, you should choose a can opener made of strong materials. Aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, and die-cast metal are among the most popular. These materials offer excellent grip and ensure a longer life span.

Another advantage of an electric can opener is that it is easy to use. It eliminates the need to use a manual can opener, making meal preparation and prep a breeze. With no risk of spills, it is easier for you to remove the lid without spilling any of the contents. This makes it easy for the whole family to use.

Electric can openers have removable parts, making them easy to clean. Disposable parts make cleaning easier and extend the life of the gadget. In addition, an electric can opener is dishwasher safe. The blade should be thoroughly dried after use to prevent rust from forming. In addition, an electric can opener does not require any tools to clean it, making it easy for any household to use.

Electric can openers also have fewer jagged edges, making them safer to handle. Manual can openers often leave sharp edges that make them difficult to handle. The electric can opener also allows the user to hold the can instead of having to twist and turn the lid.

Pros and Cons of Electric Can Opener:


-Electric can openers are very fast and can open a can in just a few seconds.

-They are very easy to use – just place the can opener on the can and press a button.

-Some models come with additional features like a knife sharpener or a bottle opener.


-Electric can openers can be more expensive than manual can openers.

-They require electricity to operate, so you’ll need to have an outlet nearby.

How to Use Electric Can Opener?

Step 1: Choose the right electric can opener for you. There are many different types of electric can openers on the market. Some are small and compact, while others are larger and more powerful. Choose the right one for you based on your needs.

Step 2: Read the instructions that come with your electric can opener. Each opener is different, and it is important to read the instructions before using it. This will help you to avoid any accidents or injuries.

Step 3: Plug in your electric can opener. Most electric can openers will need to be plugged into an outlet. Once it is plugged in, turn on the power switch.

Step 4: Place the can opener on the can. There is usually a small ledge on the can opener that you will need to line up with the top of the can. Once it is in place, lower the arm of the can opener down so that the blade comes into contact with the can.

Step 5: Start the electric can opener. Once the can opener is in contact with the can, press the start button. The can opener should start automatically. If it does not, you may need to hold down the start button for a few seconds.

Step 6: Let the electric can opener do its job. The opener will start to rotate the can and open it. You may hear a noise as the can is being opened.

Step 7: Remove the can from the opener. Once the can is open, lift the arm of the opener and remove the can. Be careful, as the can may be hot.

Step 8: Repeat the process as necessary. If you have more than one can to open, repeat the steps above.

Common Mistakes When Using Electric Can Opener:

1. Not Reading the Instructions

The first mistake people make is not reading the instructions that come with their can opener. It is important to read the instructions so that you can understand how to use the opener properly.

2. Not Cleaning the Opener

Another common mistake is not cleaning the opener after each use. This can lead to build-up of food particles and bacteria, which can be dangerous. Be sure to clean the opener after each use.

3. Using the Wrong Size Opener

Another mistake people make is using the wrong size opener for their can. Be sure to check the instructions to see what size can opener is recommended for your can.

4. Not Lubricating the Opener

Another common mistake is not lubricating the opener on a regular basis. This can cause the opener to become jammed or to break down. Be sure to lubricate the opener according to the instructions.

5. Not Following Safety Precautions

The final mistake people make is not following the safety precautions that are listed in the instructions. Be sure to read the instructions carefully so that you can avoid any accidents.

FAQs about Electric Can Opener:

1. How does an electric can opener work?

Electric can openers work by using a small electric motor to rotate a blade around the top of the can. The blade cuts through the metal of the can lid, making it easy to open the can.

2. How do I choose the right electric can opener for me?

When choosing an electric can opener, you should consider the following factors:

– The size of the can opener. Make sure to choose an electric can opener that is the right size for the cans you want to open.

– The type of blade. Some electric can openers come with a serrated blade, while others have a smooth blade. Consider what type of blade you prefer before making your purchase.

– The price. Electric can openers can range in price from around $20 to $100. Choose the can opener that fits your budget.

3. How do I use an electric can opener?

Using an electric can opener is easy. Just place the can opener on the top of the can and press the button to start the motor. The blade will rotate around the top of the can, cutting through the metal lid. Once the lid is cut, you can lift it off of the can.

4. Are there any safety concerns with using an electric can opener?

Yes, there are some safety concerns you should be aware of when using an electric can opener. Always unplug the can opener when you’re not using it. Keep the can opener away from children and pets. And, be careful when handling the can opener blade.

5. Where can I buy an electric can opener?

Electric can openers are available at most major retailers, such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon. You can also find electric can openers online.


Electric can openers are a convenient addition to any kitchen, and the best electric can opener should be easy to use, durable, and have a few extra features. We’ve provided our top three picks for the best electric can opener on the market, as well as a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Whether you’re in the market for an affordable option or want something with all the bells and whistles, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy yourself an electric can opener!

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